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We are a weekly subscription service offering five different basket sizes. Flying Solo, $25, 40 points, 5-7 items. Just for Two, $35, 60 points, 7-10 items. Family of Four, $45, 80 points, 9-12 items. Extended Family, $55, 100 points, 12-15 items. Super Duper, $65, 120 points, 15-17 items. Points are used either towards our Variety Box or a customized order that you choose.

Super Duper
You will receive 120 points. This is a great choice for large families or those that can't get enough produce! Your delivery will include 15-17 items.

Extended Family
You will receive 100 points. This is a great choice for families or those that love produce! Your delivery will include 12-15 items.

Family of Four
80 points to use each week. A great option for families that cook often or those who would like to change their lifestyle and eat more produce. Usually about 9-12 items.

Just for Two
A good choice for a couple who likes to cook and eat a healthy lifestyle. 60 points will be the equivalent of 7-10 items per week.

Flying Solo
40 points for the week. This is a great option for single folks who are busy and don't have much time to shop for produce. 5-7 items per week.

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